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Z-LASIK is a long-term solution to vision correction. For many people, being free from glasses and contact lenses makes many activities and even daily living much easier. Not having the hassle of contact lenses and glasses makes everything from seeing the alarm clock in the morning to staying up late at night with friends less complicated. Life is fast and busy in the new millennium; Z-LASIK gives you one less thing to worry about. 98% of patients are satisfied with their vision after LASIK.

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Our eyes are as unique as the rest of our body. Z-LASIK is a premium procedure that takes your unique differences into account. Each Z-LASIK plan is customized to the patient for optimal correction. Astigmatisms and small differences in the surface of the eye are calculated and corrected giving you the best outcome. The following spectacle scripts  are treated :

Short sightedness (Myopia ) : under -6.5
Astigmatism : under -4
Farsightedness (Hyperopia): under +2

If your spectacle refractive error  is higher than the above , there are alternative corrective surgery solutions.  The excimer laser removes tissue with microscopic precision , sculpting the cornea in a pain free procedure.

In general, the following criteria should be met before considering Z-LASIK:

• You are older than 21 years.
• Your vision has been stable for 2 years.
• You don’t have any medical conditions that would inhibit normal healing (auto immune conditions)

Having an allergy to contact lenses  or pre-existing dry eye does not exclude you from considering LASIK. If you are not a candidate for Z-Lasik we will advise you of alternative procedures including PRK.

Lasik Vs PRK

After your assessment the surgeon will advise which procedure is suitable for you . Both procedures have excellent visual results , one procedure is recommended over the other based on suitability for your eye.

PRK Procedure
LASIK Procedure

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