How to Take Care of Your Eyes

Ophthalmologist  performing eye test at eye clinic

Undergoing corrective eye surgery can significantly improve your quality of life. Lasik and cataract surgery are just two examples of corrective eye procedures that have improved the vision of countless people around the world. Taking care of your eyes is especially important post-surgery, particularly in the first six to twelve hours and the first seven days thereafter.

All surgical procedures require a bit of recovery time, and corrective eye surgery is no different. Here are five tips you can follow before and after the procedure to minimise recovery time.

Immediate Post Laser and Cataract Eye Care

Try not to shower until the day after the procedure. When you do shower or bath, avoid getting the shampoo or body wash in your eyes. Try not to rub your eyes for at least a month and wear your eye shields for at least a week after your eye surgery. 

Stop Smoking

While smoking has long been known to cause lung cancer not many people are aware of the link between smoking and impaired vision. Research shows smoking increases the risk of developing cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. Abstain from smoking if you’re still recovering from corrective eye surgery.

Maintain a healthy Diet

Be sure to have a balanced and healthy diet that is filled with leafy green vegetables and plenty of fruit. Include nuts such as almonds, peanuts, pistachios and cashews. Nuts are great sources of Omega-3fatty acids and vitamin E that boosts your eye health and protect your eyes cells.

Get An Eye Test

While your eyesight may be improved after having corrective eye surgery such as Lasik, your glasses may still need to be swapped out to accommodate your current needs. Routine eye tests are good for children and help to detect vision problems early on. Regular eye tests after the age of forty is helpful in detecting age related eye conditions such as cataracts and presbyopia. Having annual eye tests is also helpful in detecting other serious health issues such as high-cholesterol.  

Wear Sunglasses 

Taking the proper precautions when caring for your eyes immediately after Lasik or cataract surgery is vital. Sunglasses are a stylish and fashionable way of caring for your eyes long-term. Exposure to the UV rays from the sun over a long period of time is known to cause skin cancer. On the eyes, the UV rays from the sun are just as damaging and over exposure can cause eye conditions such as cataracts and photokeratitis.

Your eyesight forms an important part of your everyday life. Looking after your eyes is vital. The above advice is only but a few ways that you can actively care for your eyes every day. 

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