How to clean your glasses – tips to disinfect your eyeglasses

cleaning glasses lens to be clean, clear

If you ever wonder how to clean your glasses but are not sure where to start – then you have come to the right place. 

Wiping away smudges is a part of life for people who wear spectacles or sunglasses – but for many of these people, disinfecting their eyeglasses is probably not something that happens too often. Yet disinfecting your specs is an essential part of general eye care, along with regular eye tests. And while you may not want to think of your eyeglasses as a particularly germy place, they are the perfect environment for microbes such as bacteria, spores and other contagions. These microscopic germs can irritate and even infect your eyes. 

Merely using a foggy breath of vapour and a t-shirt is not going to get your glasses clean – getting your eyewear truly clean takes a few key steps. Here are some tips to help you clean and disinfect your lenses and frames: 

First, use a splash of water

First things, first. Run warm water over all surfaces of your glasses, focussing on the lenses, to remove dust and debris and prevent scratching. 

Always wash your hands 

Since germs can easily be transferred from your hands to your spectacles, always wash your hands thoroughly with soaps and water before handling your eyewear. 

Avoid tissue wipers or paper towels

Avoid drying and wiping your specs with tissues and paper towels. These are made up of rough materials which can scratch your lenses. They also shed microscopic paper fibres which provide the perfect environment for germs to breed. 

Use cleaning solution designed for spectacles

There are plenty of sprays and solutions specifically designed for polycarbonate lenses and lens coatings that are also safe for your eyes. You can also use a drop of lotion-free dish soap, lather on both sides and rinse with warm water to clean your frames and lenses. 

Opt for a microfibre cloth or eyeglass wiper

The most effective tool for cleaning your eyeglasses is a microfibre cloth or eyeglass wiper. These will clean your glasses without scratching or smudging the surface. Don’t forget to keep these wipers clean by regularly laundering them and storing them in a spectacle case or non-porous bag. 

Dry the surface thoroughly

To dry your eyewear, shake excess water from the surface followed by a wipe with a clean microfibre drying cloth to prevent streaks and watermarks. 

For frames use a moist towelette

Use a wet wipe with rubbing alcohol to clean and disinfect your frames, paying specific attention to your glasses’ earpieces and nose pads. 

Use these tips to safeguard your immediate eye health. If you are looking for a more long term solution to your eye health, schedule an eye consultation with an ophthalmologist like Dr Sachin Bawa. An eye specialist such as Dr Bawa will help you decide the most beneficial solution for you.