LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery Tips

Closeup of speculum being used before LASIK eye surgery

LASIK eye surgery has grown in leaps and bounds since it was created in the 1970s. However, like any other surgical procedure, there is a recovery period associated with the operation. If you are planning to undergo eye surgery, there are a few tips you can follow to ensure a speedy recovery.

Don’t Rub Your Eyes

No matter how itchy your eyes feel, fighting the urge to rub your eyes is vital, especially during the first seven days after your eye surgery. Rubbing your eyes may cause complications or undo some of the work done during the surgery. Your eye doctor will probably give you eye drops to lubricate your eyes and relieve the itching. You might also be given protective eyewear to prevent you from rubbing your eyes in your sleep.

Avoid Screens When You Can

Besides being a major cause of eye strain, focusing on digital screens for extended periods usually causes one to blink less often than usual. Which is why any activity that requires prolonged use of a computer or TV screen, while not harmful, could possibly make your eyes feel more uncomfortable.

Wear Sunglasses

It is not uncommon for your eyes to feel sensitive to light in the hours immediately after your surgery. It is for this reason that your eye doctor will recommend that you wear a pair of glasses that block out UV rays. A good pair of glasses should not only protect your eyes from UV rays, but also lessen glare. Glasses will also prevent dust particles from landing in your eye, reducing the risk of post-surgery infection.

Administer Your Eye Drops as Prescribed

As part of your recovery plan, your eye doctor will give you a series of eye drops to use. It is vital to administer the drops as per your eye doctor’s instructions for the best results. You should consider creating a routine to prevent you from forgetting to administer your eye drops. Wash your hands before using the eye drops, as this minimises the risk of infection after eye surgery.

Keep an Eye on Your Environment

Smokey or dusty rooms, as well as those with chemical vapours, have the potential to cause problems during the recovery period, as they are filled with foreign particles that could land in your eyes. To prevent your eyes from drying out, avoid air conditioned rooms. If they cannot be avoided, make sure you lubricate your eyes with eye drops more than usual.

Be Careful When You Shower

Hair products or soap can easily get in your eyes during a shower. For the first week after your surgery, avoid placing your face in the direct line of a shower’s stream and let your face air dry instead of rubbing it dry with a towel. Taking a bath instead of a shower is a simple way to prevent water from irritating your eyes. Although LASIK eye surgery is a relatively straightforward procedure, protecting your eyes during the recovery period allows for a smooth recovery. Make sure your eye clinic gives you detailed instructions on how to avoid post-surgery complications.