3 Impactful Ways For You to Celebrate International Day of People with Disabilities

Person sitting in wheelchair and stretching hands at sunset.

International Day of People with Disabilities, held on December the 3rd each year, is an annual celebration of the tremendous strength and tenacity of the disabled community and seeks to celebrate, educate, and increase public awareness of the plight of these brave individuals. 

The term disability refers to either a physical, cognitive, sensory, emotional, or developmental impairment. Disabilities can develop over time or be present from the time of an individual’s birth. A disability is also not restricted to one particular impairment and can be a combination of the above.  

“A child is not disabled because they cannot walk, hear, or see. They are disabled by a society that excludes them.” – Unicef. 

International Day of People with Disabilities also aims to bring clarity and acceptance to the disabled community, allowing each individual to thrive without social prejudice.

Here are three impactful ways to celebrate the day while educating and practicing kindness!

Three Impactful Ways to Celebrate International Day of People with Disabilities

  • Advocate for the rights and recognition of the disabled community and rally supporters to further a good cause. Get involved in important and impactful campaigns that champion the inclusivity of all people. 
  • Don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk and take the time to educate yourself and the community around you. Start at home with family and friends and teach them about the different types of disabilities and what should be done to better support disabled individuals to reach their highest potential, regardless of physical, cognitive, or sensory impairments.
  • Champion inclusion. Whether it’s in the workplace, the local car wash, or a soccer match at your son’s school, always strive to include all people, regardless of physical or other impairments.

While these three impactful ways of celebrating International Day of People with Disabilities are a great way to honour the day, they can be practiced daily, wherever you are. 
International Day of People with Disabilities is also a good day to consider your own health and practice gratitude. Why not start taking better care of your eye health by booking eye tests for yourself and your family and improve vision, individually and collectively!